Business development trends to look at for 2019

Business development trends to look at for 2019

Developing and growing your business is something that requires close and constant attention – no business in the modern world can afford to stand still.

One of the major driving forces behind business development and growth today is digital technology and the connectivity of all your operating systems.

Harnessing the considerable power of those digital trends requires an understanding of the direction in which things are moving – and, of course, your access to the necessary funding for the introduction of any new technology and digital systems.

The trends

Progressive Web Apps (WPAs)

  • multinational credit card providers, American Express, for example, suggests that the explosion in the number of apps now available means that many of your customers might be wary of having to add yet another to their phones;
  • concentrate, instead, on using what are called Progressive Web Apps (WPAs) which are web-based and therefore do not rely on your customers having to download them;

Personalised communications

  • the credit card issuer also identifies personalisation of all your communications with customers as one of the main business development trends for 2019;
  • this includes the personalisation of your customers’ whole online experience – taking the time to inform and educate them in the most effective ways of accessing your services – and even adding more personal touches to your emails to clients to enhance and improve their engagement with your company and your brand;
  • for example, a personalised email or electronic communication might automatically identify your customer’s location and suggest goods that may be picked up from a local store or distribution point, the email might incorporate the customer’s individual membership number or loyalty code, or you might have preselected clothing sizes that you know to be the customer’s;

Digital marketing

  • UK-based marketing consultants Smart Insights stress the continuing importance and growth in digital marketing throughout 2019;
  • making the case for the power of digital marketing and sales, the company cites the example of pizza company Dominos – in just 8 years since it took its first order by mobile phone in 2010, it has captured 50% of the UK market, where digital transactions account for 80% of its sales and two-thirds of all order are now made through the company’s smartphone app;
  • exploiting the full potential of digital marketing in today’s fast-moving commercial environment calls for a thoroughly integrated approach, which recognises the strengths and weaknesses of multiple platforms and channels of communication;

Voice search and responsiveness

  • Smart Insights echoes American Express’ view that part and parcel of personalising communication with your customers in 2019 is likely to rely on voice recognition, search and conversational user interfaces;
  • according to recent research, voice-based browsing of the internet is capable of loading pages in 4.6 seconds – up to 52% faster than the average page.

These are just some of the principal business development trends currently identified by experts with marketing experience. Of course, there are likely to be a host of other developments which change the environment in which your company is operating and new ways in which you need to be prepared to operate. Rising to the challenge of those changes might determine the relative success or failure of your particular business.

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