Inside Cubefunder with Investor Manager, Sienna McQuade

At Cubefunder, 75% of our senior management team is female-led. However, we constantly aim to push gender equality within our workspace.

We find out how Sienna’s innate drive and boundless curiosity led her to begin a career in Investment & Lending.

What inspired you to start a career in Investment & Lending?

I’ve always enjoyed learning more about different types of businesses and how they operate, working at Cubefunder allow’s me to see exactly what challenges UK SMEs are currently facing, I like being able to help them through the difficult times when the banks can’t, our loans helps to keep the business’s stay a float, meet inflation demands, unexpected bills and growth, and expansion in almost every industry sector.

Similarly to helping our customers, I enjoy working with our investors to help them obtain the growth they wish to achieve on their capital. Cubefunder ensures I meet all potential customers before lending this helps maintain a strong relationship with both our customers and investors.

How long have you been at Cubefunder?

I have worked for the CEO of Cubefunder since January 2019 doing Crowdfunding then moved over to Cubefunder to also do the lending side of things in July 2020. 

What was your first job?

My first full-time job was when I was 17 years old, I did a consultancy role educating claimants on their entitlements which required me to travel to different destinations around the UK in a team for a year. I then moved to set up my own Marketing company, at this time I also decided it would be good to get started on my AAT. 

I eventually found my way into Crowdfunding and lending and decided this is the industry I want to stay in!

Can you give us an insight into what you do at Cubefunder?

My main roles in Cubefunder are helping raise capital for the company and conducting onsite visits before lending and creating a point of contact with the director of the business, I will then become that customer’s account manager throughout the duration of the loan. Also, risk assessing applications once past the underwriting stage. 

Additionally, I also help onboard / manage our Brokers who submit applications and also try to help customers who Cubefunder was unable to fund by finding funding elsewhere through the partnerships I created for Cubefunder with EJ Finance, Puzzle Funding, and Nationwide Finance.

What do you love the most about your job now?

I love many things about my career choice and being at Cubefunder! I love to expand my knowledge of the SME Market and really get to know the directors of the businesses we may ultimately lend to. There’s always a new business to explore and new approaches to understand. At Cubefunder, we’re all supportive. When someone wants to learn something or contribute to a project, they are always encouraged and supported throughout.

What’s your favourite thing about Cubefunder?

My favourite thing about Cubefunder is how team-orientated it is. Everybody works together and the atmosphere is always great. Cubefunder’s systems are also so advanced so it’s never any hassle to see exactly where each application is at and how each account is performing.

The lending model is also one of the best things about Cubefunder, it ensures that all our customers are put into affordable repayment schedules in line with their business. Each business is different so being able to change the repayments to daily, weekly, or monthly, and ensure there is no early settlement fee’s really helps our customers understand and work their business to its full potential knowing they have a funder who can help further down the line if needed. Getting to know the directors of the business in person also helps establish great customer retention. 

What do you think of Cubefunder’s approach to women in finance?

I feel that Cubefunder as a company really supports women in finance, in fact, the majority of the senior management team in Cubefunder are female, statistically shown in employment in the finance sector senior roles are only roughly 24% female across UK companies, currently 75% of Cubefunder’s senior management team are female, they understand that in lending women’s approach to Finance/credit facilities is much different than their male counterparts and by combining the differences men and women have to offer, we’ll be able to produce and create fairer products for our customers to explore and make use of.

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