Business Loans for Women

We help women-led small and medium-sized businesses from different sectors to access the funding they need.

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Finance For Female Entrepreneurs

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At Cubefunder we aim to help female entrepreneurs thrive. That is why we provide simple small business financing between £5,000 – £100,000, for any business purpose.

Did You Know?

• Men in the UK are five times more likely than women to build a business with a turnover of £1 million or more

• Getting started in business is twice as difficult for women as it is for men due to family responsibilities

• Businesses launched by women receive 53% less capital than their male counterparts


At Cubefunder, 75% of our senior management team is female-led. We believe everyone should have equal rights and access to the finance they need and so we aim to inspire and encourage more and more women to make entrepreneurship their career.

All our loans come with flexible repayment terms and no late payment penalties. On top of that, if you choose to settle your loan earlier than agreed, there will be no early repayment fees.

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What Our Customers Say

“More and more women are becoming more powerful in business over the world. I have found that the more successful I have gotten people have changed towards me. Most positive some negative. It’s been a man’s world for a very long time and some people can find empowered women intimidating but never ever let that stop you from reaching your goals.”
Nikki Evans, The Boutique Hair & Beauty Training Academy


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How Can Cubefunder Help You And Your Business?

  • Flexible Repayment Plans
  • No Early Repayment Penalties
  • No Late Payment Penalties
  • No Complicated Business Plans Required
  • Any Business Purpose
  • UK-Based Lending Team

We do business loans differently – and the difference might provide just the solution to your financial needs.

We make sure that our loans suit you – we do not share many other lenders’ insistence on making you comply with a set of rigid rules and procedures. You do not need to spend precious time and resources drafting elaborate business plans or cash flow forecasts.

Instead, we have streamlined our application procedures to make it simple, straightforward, and fast to receive the finance you need. We’ll give you an almost immediate decision in principle on your first enquiry. If your formal application is then also approved, we transfer directly to your company bank account the funds you requested within the next 48 hours.

Since Cubefunder adds a single fixed cost of credit to your loan, you know from the very beginning how much you are going to pay in equal daily installments throughout the 3 to 12 months of your loan – and every payment reduces the balance outstanding.

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Finance For Female Entrepreneurs

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Cubefunder Signs The ‘Women In Finance Charter’

The UK government’s Women in Finance Charter commits financial services firms to support women’s progression into senior roles. At Cubefunder, 75% of our senior management team is female led however, we...

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Inside Cubefunder With Operations Director, Hayley Turner

I am the Operations Director here at Cubefunder, my role is to work right at the heart of the business closely with my senior management team and our CEO to ensure all company objectives are met. My role ranges from...

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Inside Cubefunder With Investor Manager, Sienna McQuade

At Cubefunder, 75% of our senior management team is female-led. However, we constantly aim to push gender equality within our workspace.We find out how Sienna’s innate drive and boundless curiosity led her to begin a...

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