Short-Term Business Loans

We offer 3 to 12 month business loans between £5,000-£100,000.

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Cubefunder Short-Term Business Loans

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Based on 77 reviews

Cubefunder has been a lifesave

Cubefunder has been a lifesaver for us over the last 18 months. We are delighted with our experience, and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Luke Gleeson
To the point....

Quick, simple, honest.... what more is there to say?

Andrew Thorpe
Nice service and very quick

Nice service and very quick

Scaffolding PL Ltd
Excellent customer service fro

Excellent customer service from Hayley, very helpful from start to finish! Happy...

Karl Dodding
Great team to work with

Great team to work with. We have received several loans from cubefunder...

Ashish Patel
I have used Cubefunder twice

I have used Cubefunder twice for short term business loans and whilst they are expensive there are no early repayment fees which is what we were looking for.

Alison Mercer
Great service

Great service. Very quick and efficient. Great customer care. These are the thin...

Smilemaker Dental Practice Limited
Reliable funding group

Reliable funding group! Specially for small businesses...

Greg Lumakin
Cubefunder were fantastic thro

Cubefunder were fantastic throughout the whole process of our loan process. Fast...

Katie Cannon
ATS - Thank you Hayley.

Recently, ATS have reached out to Cubefunder, who’s staff and a particular Ms H...

Michael Mansell

What Is A Short-Term
Business Loan?

A Short-term business loan is a fast and flexible funding solution designed to provide businesses with immediate financing when they need it. Repayment periods are typically between 3 to 12 months.

Short term financing can be a suitable solution to cover any emergency payments or unexpected bills, as well as take advantage of any immediate expansion or growth opportunities.

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What Is A Short-Term <br>Business Loan?

Cubefunder Short-Term Business Loans

At Cubefunder, we specialise in short-term business loans between £5,000 and £100,000. We offer short term business loans with flexible repayment plans to match the cash flow of your business. Our financing can be used for any business purpose to help your business with any short term financing you may require.

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Any Business Purpose£5,000 - £100,000

Our Requirements

  • 3+

    3+ months

  • England or Wales

    Limited company registered in England or Wales

  • £4,000

    Minimum of £4,000
    monthly revenue

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Funding Purpose

Purpose of
Short-Term Finance

Here is a list of common business purposes that a short-term loan can be used for. This is not an exhaustive list, we will consider applications for any business purpose.

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  • Working Capital
    Working Capital
  • HMRC Payments
    HMRC Payments
  • Unexpected Bills
    Unexpected Bills
  • Wages/Salaries
  • Stock
  • Cashflow Buffer
    Cashflow Buffer
  • Refurbishment

How It Works?

  • 01


    Takes less than 1 minute to apply online, we only require basic information like your contact details and your company name. No business plans or budgets required.

  • 02

    Quick Call

    Within 30 minutes, our dedicated customer service team will reach out to get a better understanding of your business and your funding requirements.

  • 03


    As soon as we receive the required documents, our team will review your information and determine how much we would be able to lend to your business.

  • 04


    Final pre-fund checks, you sign the loan agreement, and we confirm where we send the loan.

Not Much Stops Us From Lending

Banks Said No

Banks Said No

Let down by the traditional institutions? We will still consider your application for a business loan.

We Lend To Many Different Sectors

We Lend To Many Different Sectors

From hotels to construction, you can count on our flexible and fast funding to help your business.

Less Than 12 Months <br>In Business

Less Than 12 Months
In Business

As long as you have been trading for at least 3 months, we will consider your business loan application.

Backing Any Business Purpose

Backing Any Business Purpose

A Cubefunder business loan can be used for any business purpose. Working capital, Rent, HMRC payments, cashflow buffer, etc.

Benefits Of Cubefunder Short-Term Business Loans

No Late Payment Penalties

No Late Payment Penalties

No late payment penalties. If your business hits a speedbump, give our team a call and we will work with you.

Flexible Repayment Plans

Flexible Repayment Plans

We work with your business to create a suitable repayment plan for your business.

No Early Repayment Penalties

No Early Repayment Penalties

We don't punish small businesses for being successful. We don't charge any fees for settling loans earlier than expected.

No Complicated Business Plans Required

No Complicated Business Plans Required

We don't ask for complicated business plans or projections. On most occasions, we just need to see your business bank statements.

Any Business Purpose

Any Business Purpose

Cashflow buffer, tax payments, stock purchase, wages and PAYE payments - we provide funding for all your business needs.

UK Based Lending Team

UK Based Lending Team

UK based lending team available to answer any questions and help you need when you need it.

Maria Dolan

Customer Testimonials

We needed the funding to increase our showroom presence and have more output in our factory. I chose Cubefunder after initially being declined a loan with my business bank.

Maria Dolan
Westley Brown

Success Stories

We’ve been a Cubefunder customer for 2 years now. No frustrations what so ever. Very easy to deal with.

Westley Brown
WBM Scaffolding
Simon Llewellyn

Success Stories

Cubefunder was one of the only lenders that would lend us money because my credit rating was damaged trying to build the company over 10 years which is still running.

Simon Llewellyn
The Sausage Revolution
David Muniz

Success Stories

What was important about why we chose Cubefunder was the fact that they actually sent someone physically out to meet with us, have a chat, see our environment, and see the challenges we were facing because of the pandemic.

David Muniz
Outsider Tart

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions by our customers.:

A Short-term business loan is designed specifically to provide a business with the funding they need in a timely fashion. From 3-month to 12-month loans, this type of financing can cover any immediate business funding requirements.

Cubefunder provides short term business loans between £5,000 and £100,000.

Simply apply online and our friendly team will get in touch straight away. We will ask you some simple questions like your time in business and what you do.

The main factor behind how fast we can process your application will come down to how soon we can get all the required documents from you. We generally just need simple documents like your business bank statements to process your loan application. The faster we are able to receive your bank statements the faster we will be able to provide you with a lending decision.

To be eligible for a business loan from Cubefunder, the business must have been actively trading for at least 3 months. We currently only provide loans to startups with at least 3 months of revenue.

Yes. Cubefunder offer unsecured business loans.

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A business loan for any business purpose.

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